Green Cleaning in Mammoth Lakes

At Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services, we believe that a truly clean home does not go hand in hand with the use of harmful chemicals—and every one of our Mammoth Lakes clients agree.

When you’re looking for a green cleaning company that only uses the best environmentally friendly cleaning products, you’ve come to the right place.

Active in Mammoth Lakes for many years, we pride ourselves in being mindful of our team members, clients, and the planet, at all times. This foundation has allowed our enduring company to be top in customer care, getting the best results on every job.


Helping to preserve natural resources, fight climate change, and ensure that our planet has resources far into the future isn’t such a lofty goal. With everyone doing their share, we can keep our species and planet happy and healthy.

At Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services, our share involves providing eco-friendly cleaning services using only natural cleaning materials to all of our clients in Mammoth Lakes.

But do eco-friendly cleaners work as well as their toxic cousins? YES, they do! Think about the “cleaning hacks” you find online—they usually involve products you’d find in your fridge, and you can bet they have amazing results. By using safe products, you’ll have better air quality and be more aware of what is being sprayed all over your home.

A Team That Cares

Our team is invested in organic cleaning but that’s not where our caring stop. We truly care about our clients and their homes.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, every new hire that joins our team is well-trained, friendly, and respectful on every assignment.

We believe that green house cleaning is our own little mission to make the planet a better place by using natural biodegradable products, and taking some stress away from Mammoth Lakes homeowners.

Whether you’re looking for scheduled cleaning or a one-time deep clean, Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services is your best choice for dedicated workmanship.

Competitive Pricing

By not investing in expensive and toxic chemicals to clean your home, we’re able to offer you the most competitive pricing around. With tried and true techniques that will leave your home sparkling, and using only eco-friendly home products, you can really feel good about the results we deliver.

Green cleaning services really are the way of the future, and with such great pricing—not to mention free no-obligation in-home estimates, you can’t go wrong with Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services!

Greener Goals

This year, move forward with greener goals. Hire an eco-friendly cleaning company to help around the house. With daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional services, we can work around your schedule instead of making you work around ours.

A cleaner home will help you feel calmer, and raise the quality of the air you breathe, and by using natural cleaning materials, you and any animals or children in the home won’t suffer from the toxic effects of dirty chemicals.

Our dedicated team cares about keeping your home looking and smelling great while doing the least harm to the planet.

Give us a call today for your free estimate!