Tile and Grout in Bishop

New tile is one of the most impressive things you can install in your home. It can be clean and simple, or dramatic and dark. Vintage tile is just as impressive—finding a home with that classic black and white tile bathroom is a dream many homeowners have. A shower lined with tile is a bonus as well!

But what happens when that tile ages and isn’t so pretty anymore? Tile is most often installed in bathrooms and kitchens, areas of high traffic and regular use. So, it’s no surprise that it’s going to get walked on, splashed and spilled on, and get dirty.

At Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services we know the best way to clean grout, and are happy to bring that service to you.

Can’t I Just Leave It?

Many of our Bishop clients planned to leave their grout the way it is. After all, not many even know how to clean tile grout properly. A porous material, it absorbs dust and dirt and if you clean it the way you’d normally clean a floor you will often make it worse!

But that doesn’t mean you should just leave it to turn blacker day by day.

Clean tile trout increases the friction of a tile floor by up to 35%! This means you are less likely to slip and fall when you’re coming out of the bath. And cleaning shower grout will help to deter mold from building up on that damp and porous surface.

You may not think much of how your floor affects air quality, but dirt that has built up over years is definitely affecting the air you breath in your home.

Improve the cleanliness or your tile surfaces and entire home by investing in our tile and grout cleaning services. At Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services we know the best way to clean grout lines, and at competitive prices. You’ll love the work we do!

On-Site Assessment

When you call our Bishop offices, we’ll immediately arrange an on-site assessment with one of our qualified technicians.

They’ll determine what floor cleaning services you require and book your future appointment(s) on the spot.

Free Quotes

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why right from the moment we meet you, we offer free quotes on the services we offer—at no obligation. Feel free to shop around. We want you to be able to choose the best of the grout cleaning companies, and we’re confident that after our first meeting that will be us.

Like-New Tile

Whether your tile was installed a year ago, or is original to your home, we can ensure that with our tried and true methods, our skilled technicians will get that grout clean in no time.

Using only eco-friendly products, you won’t have to worry about toxic results that affect your children, pets or the planet. After all, we’re trying to better your air quality with cleanliness, not add chemicals into the mix!

Offering free quotes and competitive prices, Mammoth King Professional Cleaning Services is your go-to tile and grout cleaning company. Give us a call today to find out more!